Attendee FAQ

Planning on attending Sportsman Channel Outdoor Fest? Here are a few common questions and answers. Ticket information is not yet available. Stay tuned!

  • Where should I stay?
  • There are plenty of hotels in the greater Houston area. Check them out at: Downtown Houston Hotels.

  • Are backpacks permitted?
  • Yes, backpacks are permitted at Sportsman Channel Outdoor Fest. We reserve the right to have them searched by security at any time.

  • Are dogs/pets permitted?
  • With the exception of service animals and animals participating in dog or cat show, animals are not allowed in the Facility.

  • Will there be food and drinks available?
  • Yes, food and drinks will be available for purchase. Concessions will be available in the hall and there are various restaurants to choose from at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

  • Is there parking information?
  • Paid parking is available in various nearby parking garages. For a parking map, visit GRB Parking Map.

  • Are firearms permitted at Sportsman Channel Outdoor Fest?
  • Possession of Firearms is forbidden in the Facility with the exception of the following: (i) licensed peace officers and licensed honorably retired peace officers, (ii) exhibitors and patrons during duly licensed gun shows and (iii) individuals licensed by the State of Texas to carry concealed handguns.
    Open carry is not permitted on premises at Sportsman Channel Outdoor Fest.

    A “Firearm” is defined as any device designed, made, or adapted to expel a projectile through a barrel or cylinder by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance or pressurized air or gas or any device readily convertible to the use.

    *Show officials reserve the right to request proof of State of Texas concealed carry license

  • Can I purchase firearms and ammunition at the Show?
  • Firearms and ammunition will not be available for purchase at Sportsman Channel Outdoor Fest.

  • Is smoking permitted?
  • In accordance with City of Houston Ordinance No. 2006-1054, smoking is prohibited at the Facility. The distribution or sale of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the Facility.

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